The States Braces for Protests Over New COVID Rules

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies

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Woman’s death raises concerns about marijuana-processing plants

A young woman working at a Massachusetts cannabis-processing facility who developed new-onset asthma and later died of a fatal asthma

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With hopes for greener grass in Germany vanishing, consolidation is in the cards for cannabis companies

Not much happened when it comes to legal cannabis markets in 2023, which won't help cannabis startups that are already

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Winewood Organics Announces ‘Winewood & Maple’ CBD Product Line

Launch improves Winewood's ability to connect customers with cannabis and hemp products fitting unique needsANN ARBOR, MI / ACCESSWIRE /

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Maryland is pardoning 175,000 marijuana convictions. It’s part of a trend

Gov. Wes Moore signed an executive order pardoning more than 175,000 cannabis convictions on Monday, making Maryland the latest state

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Maryland’s governor pardons tens of thousands of cannabis-related misdemeanors

Maryland's governor granted pardons to tens of thousands of people with cannabis-related misdemeanors on their records — one of the

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Cannabis company Columbia Care to cut costs and sell its Florida business

Cannabist, the parent of Columbia Care, to shed workers as part of a plan to save $10 million...Read More

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Running out of marijuana, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket get approval to ship pot to the islands

Cannabis regulators in Massachusetts have issued an administrative order that will allow pot to be transported to Martha’s Vineyard and

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AGLC to Buy 150 Valor Terminals From Inspired Entertainment

NASDAQ-listed business-to-business supplier of gaming content, technology, services, and hardware, Inspired Entertainment, has announced a fresh partnership with Alberta’s governmental

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The UK’s ‘Cannabis Martyr’ Keeps Getting Jailed for Opening Weed Cafes

“All revolutionaries go to jail,” says Gary Youds, who's now been imprisoned four times...Read More

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3 Stocks That Will Benefit the Most From Cannabis Rescheduling

The Drug Enforcement Administration is looking to reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I substance down to Schedule III. The move

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Recreational Marijuana is On Its Way in Ohio

Applications opened Friday for medical vendors hoping to cater to all customers. Recreational cannabis has been legal in Ohio since

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Indica vs. Sativa: How to Distinguish Between Cannabis Plants

Understanding the major differences between indica vs. sativa strains of marijuana is important for cannabis use due to the different

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